Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Writing a memoir of the craft Stephen KIng

I have a secret passion and that is writing although I must confess that most of my skills with prose don't make an appearance in my blog. Could be the little time I devote to editing the things I post. Shame on me. I love books about craft and dedication to the work of getting it done and this book applies to writing as well as painting. King never mentions painting but he does devote many words to developing skills and putting them in the tool box, working everyday, staying away from bad writing and cliches, and reading and looking at good material all of the time. He says that if you don't love to read you probably won't find the time to write. I think this applies to painting also looking at and reading about great art and expanding you horizons of art that you like makes finding a place for yourself easier and much less intimidating. He also says that the muse won't appear if you don't give it a regular time of day to find you, your work habits bring the muse not the other way around. There are many art related gems in the book. I just loved it.